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A huge mental health issue dealt with in doctor’s and therapy offices is depression and anxiety. People of all ages deal with these challenges including an ever-increasing number of high school and college students. There is freedom and help through various behavioral counseling methods, mindfulness practices, and treatments that work on a neural network level. 

Codependency and Relationships
Dysfunctional or alcoholic relationships take a toll on our security, self-esteem and even our belief in ourselves. Growing up in a dysfunctional family such as one with mental illness, or a family plagued by alcoholism or drug addiction can negatively affect our ability to navigate later life issues. Overcome faulty, inaccurate and damaging internal messages and experience for a free, joyful and self-compassionate life. 

Addiction Recovery / Relapse Prevention Counseling
Happy, joyous and free...with either individual or group recovery, you can heal from the inside out to enjoy your new-found freedom.

Trauma Clearing 
With recent advancements in the treatment of simple and complex trauma,, you can move past traumatic experiences, stress and emotional injury.  New treatments based upon neoroscientific research can help you gain a larger perspective gain more serenity and personal peace.

Couples Counseling
The schisms between you happen so gradually that when finally recognized, you can feel lost and hopeless. It is important to work in an accepting, no-blame, no-shame environment. For both parties to regain insight and skills as you restore your loving relationship again.
Life Losses and Transitions
Divorce, death, and major changes are the storms of life. At these times, caring, knowledgeable therapy can help get you through these difficult times as you make the hard adjustments. Gain self-esteem, confidence and purpose in your life as you recognize the truths of your own uniqueness and inner beauty.
Hypnotherapy & L.I. (Lifespan Integration) Therapies
Hypnotherapy is commonly acknowledged as one of the most effective methods for treating long-held, damaging beliefs about self. Hynotherapy and L.I. are used for issues such as addictions, anxiety and stress management, weight loss, sleep disorders, pain management and much more. L.I. also works on the neuro-network system to see past traumas in a new and freeing light which lends itself to a fully and wholly integrated self.
Speaking Engagements
Rebecca is available to speak at women's retreats and groups or to
create a full seminar on the topics of interest to your audience. She is 
also available to speak about her personal journey with recovery in 
many aspects of her own life for 12-step groups, churches and other 
self-growth groups.

Christian Counseling is Available Upon Request

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