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Hypnotherapy & L.I. Therapy


New treatment methods have surfaced over the past years based upon current neuroscientific research into the neural networking of the brain. This research has shown that our brains have what is called ‘neuroplasticity’, or the ability to continue to change throughout our lifetime. Simply put, that means that we can indeed change the way our brain remembers certain incidents that may have carved difficult memories and reactions into our way of responding to the world. 

Today many hospitals incorporate these newer treatment modalities such as hypnotherapy into their integrative medicine milieu, as evidenced in the following quotes from well-known sources:

"Hypnotherapy is now used at a number of well-respected medical institutions across the U.S., including Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine, The Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York" (New York Times, April 15, 2011).

"Scientific evidence is mounting that hypnosis can be effective in a variety of medical situations, from easing migraine headaches to lowering blood pressure, controlling asthma attacks, minimizing hot flashes, and diminishing side effects from chemotherapy." (The Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2012).  

The Mayo Clinic reported in a statement in December 2003, that "the purpose of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being. 

Hypnotherapy and L.I. (Lifespan Integration Therapy) are two of the methods integrated into therapy at New Directions Counseling. We can become somewhat ‘stuck’ using the same coping strategies for new situations that feel familiar and pose a threat or fear similar to one we have felt in the past. These are the patterns that are so emotionally painful…such as PTSD, anxiety, memory of abuse, neglect, or abandonment that leave us emotionally frozen, ready to flee or fight….all incapacitating to our lives and emotional well-being. Other experiences such as being bullied, excessively criticized, or overly-controlled is harmful to our self-esteem and the ability to relate well to others.

What is truly exciting is that we can actually change these habitual neural networks, and thus change the way we deal with our life today. We have a more positive, self-affirming and effective way to navigate life. Knowing that our brains CAN change is good news for us. It means that we can, indeed, change old and destructive thought patterns, learn new ways of seeing ourselves and new ways to relate to our worlds.

Finally, a non-invasive way to resolve traumas, instill the nurturing we have always needed and create an internal emotional environment that is compassionate and loving toward ourselves. Both modalities help strengthen newly-created synaptic connections that allow us to view the past and ourselves in a more positive, grounded and holistic manner.

Both Hypnotherapy and L.I. are therapy methods that use this concept of changing neural pathways in order to create a more integrated whole. This ‘Holistic Self’ is better able to cope and thrive by using the knowledge and tools we have today and by virtually ‘changing our brain’. 

Hypnotherapy has become more and more common in the treatment of a number of common health and psychological issues. Trends indicate that hypnotherapy techniques are being acknowledged as one of the most effective method for treating some common ailments. 
Hypnotherapy Is Used For:
Addiction or habit modification
Self-sabotaging behavior reduction 
Anxiety and stress management 
Phobias and fear dissolution 
Trauma resolution 
Establishing healthy life habits
Medical Uses: 
Weight loss (weight release)
Chronic pain management 
Sleep difficulties 
High blood pressure 
As an adjunct to surgical anesthetics

Lifespan Integration Therapy (L.I.) is a therapy that can be used  to clear trauma, past abuse, neglect or harmful self messages.  L.I. Therapy is also helpful for those experiences we have all had - the bully on the playground who made our school years a nightmare - the friend or family member who betrayed us - the messages we got throughout our formative years of not being enough, not measuring up or feeling like the "odd-man-out." These memories can follow us into adulthood and cause us to question or doubt ourselves as we cringe at the recalled emotional injuries.
L.I. links successful, empirically-studied treatments with neuroscience. Its ability to heal and clear past trauma, abuse, difficult memories and destructive thought patterns is based upon rewiring the brain's neural pathways which function to keep trauma alive and resurfacing. As these pathways are rewired in our brain, these painful events lose their power to cause us distress.
Lifespan integration incorporates body and mind memory, life events, and neural rewiring to clear the pain of traumatic and destructive life incidents. It can be used to clear events from childhood trauma and abuse to insecure bonding and relationship problems and emotional patterns that rob us of a fulfilling life. It is being used for both adults and children internationally.
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